Animation studio for Pharma and Biotech

We produce captivating and informative animated films on medical and scientific topics.

Our goal is to guide you toward a tailored solution in the ever-evolving medical and visual storytelling world.

Organizations in healthcare and pharma face the challenge of presenting their complex research to a broad audience. They often need to educate specialists and investors or give comprehensible information to their patients. Often these messages fall flat since they need more training or time to do this well. We help these companies construct visually engaging messages and help them present their often complex stories to their audience. We are committed to providing our clients with a smooth journey through the animation-making process and delivering your communication tools fast and efficiently.

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What services do we offer?

We help our clients get the right communication tools to tell their stories, from consulting and story creation to producing animations and final films. We create tailor-made tools to fit the specific needs of every client. These communications tools might be films that need to communicate complex messages on a tradeshow floor, in a virtual reality presentation, or by using different media on a website.
We also enhance existing presentations dramatically and upgrade them to contemporary standards. We provide films on tight deadlines. Our challenge is to create the right balance between stunning imagery and comprehensible visual storytelling. We are specialized in making visual translations from research papers into clear, understandable appealing films. We have in-house medical expertise, which helps tackle our client's most complicated communication challenges. Let us be your partner by offering you our following services.

An antibody binding a receptor.

Complex biological concepts explained.

After a briefing and a deep dive into the research, we can help create clear explaining animations which offer specialists a convenient way to get up to speed on research.

Mode of Actions(s) MoA
Mechanism of Action(s) MOA
Disease Pathways MoD

A robot arm holding a lightbulb.

Medical instruments

Getting close to the action. Clear and esthetically presented. Using 3d animation, we can show medical instruments do their work at the most unreachable locations.

Modus operandi
Highlighting of unique selling points USP

A coil moving through a vein.

Marketing and Promotion

Films and illustrations as tools to promote a brand's presence. Present technology to potential investors or clients or use these brand presentations to make an impact at trade shows.

Brand presentation at tradeshows
USP Promotional film
Corporate film
Presentation for investors

Go Global with Our Professional Film and Video Localization Services

Expand your reach with our professional film and video localization services. We'll create high-quality localized versions of your content in any language, so you can connect with audiences around the world. Contact us to learn more.

Fields of expertise

We have an in-house scientist in molecular cell biology; we require minimal time to understand complex medical and scientific concepts.
We have produced medical films for companies from various medical and scientific fields.

  • Oncology
  • Immunology
  • Optometry
  • Protein therapeutics
  • Neuroscience
  • Biology
  • Pharmacology
  • Biotechnology
  • Food technology

What does a typical production of a medical film look like?

What will the process be like? How long will it take? Understanding the animation process will help you decide if It will be an option for you. Let us give you a brief explanation of what steps will be taken when we create an animated medical film and what timeline to expect.

A timeline of a typical film production

Take a look at our Work

Read about some of the projects we did and see how our clients used our animations to fulfill their needs in communication.

  • Visual translation of scientific concepts
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Conceptualization
  • Animation
  • VR Applications
  • Translation and localization
  • Sound design
  • Localization in many languages

Check out our work!

Get a good idea of what we have to offer.

Ways to get in touch.

We suggest to get in touch with Us. We happily brainstorm and give you our thoughts regarding any communication challenges. We can explore ideas of how we could help, or suggest alternatives.

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This image depicts histones wrapped by a string of DNA
Antibody binding with a receptor.
3d visualization of miicrovilli in small intestine
Colorful depiction of a receptor on the cell membrane.

Combination of Truth and Beauty

We are passionate technical artists, using state-of-the-art technology. We are able to simulate the miracles of the natural world. We love exploring the space between art and science.  Finding the balance between staying true to life and creating beautiful animation to tell a story. We always try to extend our animations beyond the boundary of highly informative animation. Being able to visualize the unseeable biology makes CGI ideal for medical storytelling.  The molecular world is a beautiful, chaotic world.

Our Work

Our clients

Trusted by leading international pharmaceutical companies and agencies. Our clients range from strategic communication agencies and startups to pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

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Some reactions from our clients.

The reactions from all over the Netherlands, from those who watched the shows, were extremely enthusiastic, in particular about the insight they got from the beautiful and impressive animations of the brain. So, the credits for the success of the program are largely due to the expertise of and the good cooperation with Glow Studio and Cortical Studios.”  

Prof. dr. Erik J.A. Scherder

Head of the Department of Clinical Neuropsychology | VU University Amsterdam

Logo of VU medical center
“I wanted to take the time to thank you and your team very much, for the achievements in the 3D work of our films. It is really impressive and it provides a serious added value to our film. The responses, so far, have been very positive and they are especially due to the animations and their background meaning and the various layers in the film.”

Nicole Verbeeck

Sr. Director CSr. Communications Specialist, Global R&D Communications | Johnson & Johnson

Logo of Johnson and Johnson
Glow were amazing at executing on the vision far beyond our expectations giving our concept life and enormous educational impact...

Jorge Mouro, M.S.

Scientific Director | Global Medical Affairs Multiple Myeloma Team | Celgene | Bristol Myers Squibb Company

Logo Celgene
What a great experience to work with Glow Studio and  Cortical Studio. There was no need for lengthy explanations and tutoring about our technology. Our company is thrilled with the video, and we know that it will be a valuable tool for describing our technology and value proposition.

Susan Blumenthal

Marketing and Communication Manager | BennuBio

Logo Bennubio
"Your team has crafted an elegant visualization of our complex concepts and key differentiators from a few short conversations and appreciate the timely delivery."

Ben Alderete

Sr. Director Commercial Strategy and Operations | BennuBio

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