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Medical visualization since 2005

In 2005, Glow Studio started as a creative studio in the Netherlands. Over the years, we have crafted diverse films and artwork, catering to esteemed companies and advertising agencies across various industries. Our passion for innovation led us to venture into the realm of interactive virtual reality experiences and educational games for museums. Notably, in 2008, our animations garnered recognition at the New York festivals, earning us an esteemed prize for Computer Graphics in medical storytelling. During that time, we collaborated with Norvell Jefferson on a remarkable film project for Johnson & Johnson.
One pivotal collaboration with Cortical Studio left an indelible mark on our trajectory. This partnership proved inspirational and successful, igniting a newfound focus on medical and biological subjects. Since then, Cortical Studio has become our steadfast partner in crafting compelling films. We derive great joy from collaborating with clients in the medical field, delving deep into their scientific endeavors, and aiding them in presenting information with utmost clarity. Our work often sheds light on concealed insights, as visual information design is ingrained in our very DNA.
We strive to produce visually striking and coherent medical visualizations with agencies and pharmaceutical companies. By harmonizing colors, animation, and sound, we stimulate all the senses and guide the viewer's gaze toward the essence. Our primary objective is to communicate medical stories and subjects effectively, fostering understanding and knowledge.
As a nimble and proactive studio, we boast a vast network of experts in both the medical and art industries. While we possess comprehensive in-house expertise, we have the flexibility to swiftly and efficiently scale our workforce when necessary. Our clients can trust our commitment to consistently delivering high-quality outcomes within stipulated timelines.
We firmly believe that films, when executed with finesse, possess the power to captivate audiences, engrossing them entirely in a tale. This immersive experience allows optimal concentration, engagement, and an unwavering focus on the narrative. Ultimately, our perpetual pursuit is to refine our craft and achieve this ultimate goal of audience captivation.
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