About Us

Medical visualization since 2005

Glow studio started in 2005 as a studio. Since then, we have created various films and art for companies and advertising agencies. We have offered our services to a wide area of industries.  We produced interactive virtual reality experiences and educational games for museums.

In 2008 our animations received a prize for medical storytelling at the New York festivals. We had worked on a film produced for Johnson &Johnson.  Our collaboration with Cortical Studio was inspiring and successful and motivated us to shift our focus to medical and biological subjects.  Cortical Studio has become our steady partner in creating films since then.

We enjoy our collaboration with clients in the medical field, getting to know their science and helping to create clarity in all the information they want to present. Sometimes, It can bring hidden information to light.  
Visual information design is in our DNA. We collaborate with agencies and pharmaceutical companies to create clear medical visualizations. Our main goal is to communicate medical stories and topics to help their comprehension and knowledge.  Using colors, animation, and sound, we stimulate all senses and lead the viewer's eye to what matters most.

We are a small proactive studio with a vast network of specialists in the medical and art industry. We have all the needed skills in-house, but we can scale up our workforce quickly and efficiently. We offer our clients good stable quality and always deliver on time.

When done well, films can engage viewers, draw them in to get optimal concentration, and focus and engagement on a story. Ultimately this is our goal, which we continually strive to improve.
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