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Explain MOA / MoD in an animation video.

We need minimum input to transform complex MOA, and MoD's in animated film.

Many pharmaceutical companies need to explain their research to a broad audience. The research behind their message is often very complex and hard to digest. Often their explanations fall flat since they lack the training to develop their stories or know how to present them clearly and compellingly. We aim to help these companies construct and present their complex stories impactfully. We can help you transform complex scientific papers into transparent communicative films to help you present your research. We have experience in creating MOA animated films since 2006. We've produced films showing MOA in the treatment of Multiple, Myeloma. Auto-Immune diseases. Drug development.

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Image showing the steps occuring in protein production.

What is  Mode of Action?

A mode of action depicts an anatomical transformation resulting from the exposure of an organism to a substance.

What is  Mechanism of Action?

Mechanism of action depicts the same kind of transformations at the molecular level.

These processes are often complicated webs of triggers and can be challenging to comprehend. Translating these concepts into film and presenting them to the viewer at a carefully selected pace helps tremendously digest these often very complex concepts.

3d visualization of miicrovilli in small intestine

The synergy of Mechanism of Action and animation.

When we see elements moving, it helps the brain connect the dots and interpret the logic behind complex processes. By zooming in and zooming out, we can transition between micro and macro processes. For example, we can unfold proteins to highlight specific inner parts.
Compared to static schematics, animations allow us to show many aspects without cluttering an image's readability.  

Illustrative Mode of Action visualization

Illustration of these mechanism's compared to a rough schematic can improve the readability of the process. With subtle lighting techniques and effects, MOAs can be enriched. Using cinematographic techniques, a hierarchy of all the essential parts of the process can be created. With the same methods, we can guide the viewer's eye and present parts in order of importance. Besides being very communicative, it's a beautiful representation of science.
An antibody binding a receptor.

Interested in a MOA, MoA, MOD animated film?

Due to our expertise and experience, we will need minimum briefing and input to start an MOA film production.
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