A platform for drug discovery

The Discovery of new drugs has been stagnant in the last 30 years. New technologies to tackle this problem slowly but surely get developed.  Verseon designed a platform to create a better way of designing and developing new drugs. They use several techniques to improve the drug discovery process. By using advancements in AI, for example, they manage to offer exploration of a universe of new drug-like compounds.

They wanted us to create a film that would help them tell their story and engage the viewer, making them enthusiastic about the sheer amount of new possibilities.

Our role: story, directing, animation, audio

Usage: online and offline presentation.

Disclaimer: sometimes we can't show the project in its entirety due to legal reasons, or request from our client.

We tried to create an image of a galaxy full of new drug compounds. Overwhelming the viewer with the future possibilities.

We used a sudden change of emotion by transitioning to more active music to emphasize what the new technology can offer.

Quote Glow

"It's exciting to see many companies using new computer technology, like machine learning and AI, and create astounding breakthroughs in drug discovery. We enjoyed telling this story."

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