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Management of Ortho-K

Procornea is a renowned producer and distributor of soft and hard ophthalmic lenses to the global market. Currently, they have merged into Coopervision.

Procornea commissioned us to make a series of films to help their informative campaign surrounding Ortho-K lenses. The film needed to communicate and teach about the severe problem of Myopia ( Nearsightedness ). Myopia is an increasingly common disorder worldwide. Three films were made, with each its message surrounding this subject.


ProCornea needed a trilogy of films to explain multiple facets surrounding the global Myopia problem. This film presents and visualizes how Ortho-K lenses reduce the deterioration of our eyes.

Our role: Concept, Script, Directing, Design, Animation, Film, Edit, Sound-design

Usage: trade shows, social media, website.

Our eyes are essential.

At the film's start, we added essential and emotional life moments in the eye's reflection to emphasize the importance of clear eyesight.

"It was inspirational to see how ProCornea produces these lenses with laser precision. We are happy with the trilogy we created for them. "

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