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An endless string of translatable RNA

Scientists of Laronde synthetically designed circular RNA, which can translate proteins continuously.

Scientists of Laronde synthetically designed circular RNA with an IRES element. They can now make them translate into proteins. The circular RNA initiates continuous translation, therefore, is called eRNA. Endless RNA.

We were asked by Lavoie, a Boston-based strategic communication agency, to help communicate Laronde's technology efficiently and clearly.  The deadline was short. The whole film needed to feel contemporary.

Usage of film: Tradeshows, website

Our role:  Design | Visual Translation | Animation | Edit | Sound-design

Category : Technology explanation

Color usage

The animation was created in strong colors which were close the that of the Laronde house style. This helped make the animation feel esthetically clean and clear to read.

Subtle sound and strong text

Elegant music and a strong voice; don't waste any words. The message conveys in a very short period.

Modern look

The animation has a very modern look, which fits the high scientific content.

"We are very happy with the result. The animation really achieves something without looking overcomplicated. Ofourse, when it works, this goes unnoticed."

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