GATT Technologies

The next generation of hemostats and sealants

Client Gatt Technologies

When talking with specialists at Gatt- technologies, we quickly realized they had an unique product. Although their product was still in development and awaiting approval, Gatt was confident about the future and wanted to be ready to take the following steps. They required a film, which would assist them in getting their information over to specialists and investors during meetings and presentations.


After some talks with our client, they decided to let us produce a film where we would explain their core technology on a medium level. Their core technology forms the basis of their hemostatic and sealant platform, which consists of multiple easy-to-use solutions. When their product makes it to market, it will bring many benefits. It could help avoid many surgical moments of blood loss. The significant difference in blood-stopping methods compared to those currently used makes this an attractive investing opportunity. The market for hemostats and sealants is enormous. The combination of all these aspects would need to be conveyed in the film.

ROLE: full-service producer

USAGE: The film is being used at meetings with investors, presentations, and trade shows.

Disclaimer: sometimes we can't show the video, or audio in its entirety due to legal reasons, or request from our client.


We used abstract animations of flowing blood to esthetically convey the seriousness of blood loss during surgery.

Their future products

After explaining the basic technology, we ended the film by highlighting the unique properties and capabilities of their hemostats and sealants.

One fluent ride

We carefully crafted shots to give the film as it was made in one take.

"We are very satisfied with the result. Especially after the voice-over was added, the film resulted in a clear convincing film."

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