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GRObio - Redefining Protein Therapeutics

GRObio exists of distinguished scientists and business people with a proven track record in genome engineering, computational biology, and therapeutic development. They use a creative approach when bringing their technology to the market. GRObio developed a platform comprised of Genomically Recoded Organisms with which they are able to produce non-standard amino acid proteins at a commercial scale.

LavoieHealthScience is a strategic communications agency that offers communication services to companies in the health science field. On two different occasions, we were asked to help them to explain their technology in animation and illustration. Our animations were used in GRObio's film presented on their website.

Our role: Concept | Script | Directing | Design | Animation | Edit | Sound-design

USAGE: The produced media is used online

Type:  Illustrations and animation to explain GRObio's technology

Disclaimer: sometimes we can't show the project in its entirety due to legal reasons, or request from our client.

We visually translated the concept behind GroBio's platform and created beautiful visuals to communicate their process clearly.

We tried guiding the viewer's eye and making it follow a visual path, which tells the story of the process.

We used noisy movement simulating the actual chaotic movement of proteins in cells.

"GroBio's technology is inspiring, and we enjoyed the challenge to capture all the different aspects in the illustrations."

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