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Horizon Therapeutics

The film shows the mode of action of AQP4 antibodies in which plasma cells play a significant role. The AQP4 Antibodies excreted by these plasma cells trigger a  response that damages various cells in our nervous system.

IPG Health, one of the world's largest health marketing agencies, asked us to help them tell explain this mode of action. We were challenged by the short duration reserved for the film. At first, they wanted to tell the story without the use of a voice-over but instead only show subtitles. Due to the noise on the floor of a trade show, voice-overs don't work that well.

In a later stage, we did increase the duration of the film and added a voice-over. The amount of information to digest might have been challenging for some viewers.

Our role: Concept |  Visual translation | Design | Animation | Edit | Sound-design

USAGE: This film is used at conferences and tradeshows

Type:  Mechanism of Action film

Film above is using a German voice-over

Complimentary colors

We used distinct contrasting colors for the antibodies to make them stand out, but without losing esthetic quality.


The subtle labels used in the film give it a very clinical look.

Procedural modeling

Most 3d elements in the film were created procedurally using SideFX Houdini.

"It's always nice to see challenges like that of the duration restraint often improves the quality of a film instead. We are very happy with the visuals we created."

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