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A key cytokine in various inflammatory pathologies

Interleukin 23 is the key to many inflammatory pathologies. This film outlines several areas and mechanisms in which Il-23 is involved in.  We dive close to the skin, gut, and synovial fluid cell layers. The film focuses on specialists to give them a summary of all the players involved.


Excerpta Medica a renowned medical communication agency, presented us with the initial script to collaborate on. Our goal was to create an esthetic film focused on specialists in which all complex pathways were visualized. The film is to be used at conferences.

Our role: Concept | Script | Directing | Design | Animation | Edit | Sound-design

USAGE: This film is used at conferences.

Type:  Mechanism of Action film

Disclaimer: sometimes we can't show the project in its entirety due to legal reasons, or request from our client.
Color and Sound

We used warm colors to design all the elements, and together with the calm music, we managed to give a slowed-down feeling. This was necessary because there was so much information being communicated.

Look and feel

We designed a positive look, adding motivation to be engaged with the film.

A fluent ride

The animation has a modern look, fitting the high scientific content.

"We are proud we managed to communicate a large amount of information while keeping the pace slow and the animation appealing. "

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