Large Particle Flow Cytometry

BennuBio is a United States based company that has greatly expanded the power of flow cytometry. Flow cytometry is a technique to measure the characteristics of large populations of cells or particles. When it was invented, it significantly reduced the duration of research in many labs. The Velocyt is a next-generation Flow Cytometer, which reduces the duration of cell analysis with a significant factor. This next-gen system comes with many other benefits, and we are very excited to see it take off.

We were asked to help and explain this new scientific technology. Like many other companies, BennuBio had to overcome the challenges that Covid brought along. We helped them create a film that would tell their story of this new technology.  While trade shows and conferences were being canceled and slowly moved online, this film was sent to groups of people.

Our role: Concept | Script | Directing | Design | Animation | Edit | Sound-design

USAGE: The film is used at investor meetings, presentations, and trade shows.

Type:  promotional corporate film

Visual metaphor

We used the visual metaphor of an hourglass, which would show how current flow cytometers work. Slow, and one particle per particle.

Red thread

The red particle has different sizes and acts as a red thread throughout the story.

Photographic style

We used a photographic style to make elements more tangible.

"Their breakthrough in cellular analysis is really astounding. We are very glad we could help them spread their story regardless of constraints due to Covid."

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