The regenerative properties of the Liqoseal patch

Polyganics is an innovative biotech company focused on bringing devices to market which help in the regeneration of tissue after surgery. Their first product in the Neurosurgery portfolio is Liqoseal. This is film is about the unique properties of the Liqoseal patch. It tells how Polyganics generated molecular solid bonds between the dura and their patch.

The people at Polyganics, already had thought out a well-thought-out script. They needed us to do the visual translation into a strong presentation for trade shows and to be presented on their website.

Our role: Visual Translation | Directing | Design | Animation | Edit | Sound-design

USAGE: This film is used at tradesows and online.

Type:  Promotional film

Subtle lighting

The shape of the patch is basic. We needed to use elegant animation together with subtle lighting to make it stand out in front of the blueish background.


We presented the placement of the Liqoseal patch in such a way, avoiding gore and enhancing visual clarity.

Peptide bonds

The bonding was shown using simulation to create a simplified representation. We prioritized communicating the idea.

"It was an interesting challenge to esthetically present a patch that is so simple in its shape while owning so many great complex attributes."

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