Pfizer - Our Immune System

Pfizer commissioned us to create a series of films to educate patients about autoimmune diseases. The films were to be used on a platform where patients could learn about their specific auto-immune disease and get information about what certain drug compounds are meant to do in specific cases.

The first film we created was a film explaining how our Immune system works, which would act as a start-of-point for follow-up films that would explain more about specific autoimmune diseases.  The film needed to be comprehended by people with all kinds of backgrounds, which can be quite a challenge.

Our role: Design | Animation | Edit | Sound-design

USAGE: Part of media campaign, to promote S.A.R.A.

Type:  Educational film for patients


We  won two silver awards (1st place) and three bronze awards in the categories “Education (for Academic Use),” at The 32 Annual Telly Awards.


We won a silver medal and two bronze medals at the 2011 International New York Festivals(NYF) in the categories “Professional Education,” “Instruction & Education,” and “Animation”

"We were very excited to win awards for our film. It was a joy to be challenged to tell this visual story to a broad audience"

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