Sakura - Norvell Jefferson

A robot with an attitude

Norvell Jefferson wanted to breathe life into Sakura’s new Smart Connect Arm. The robot arm was given the name S.A.R.A. and was about to star in its animated teasing short film, which would become part of a larger modular campaign.

We’ve received the challenge to design an appealing robot arm and give it an exciting personality through animation. Together with Norvell Jefferson, we created a compelling short story in which we introduced S.A.R.A.’s abilities. 

For use on Sakura's website,  we created several high-resolution illustrations in which  S.A.R.A showed its personality. All created imagery and videos were used in different media, which were part of a bigger modular launching campaign.

Our role: Design | Animation | Edit | Sound-design

USAGE: Part of media campaign, to promote S.A.R.A.

Type:  Promotional teaser

Disclaimer: sometimes we can't show the project in its entirety due to legal reasons, or request from our client.

Clothing simulations

Cloth simulations were made with SideFX Houdini.


We created many versions of S.A.R.A.


S.A.R.A. has many joints, so we couldn't easily use human-like animations.

"It's always interesting to collaborate with Norvell Jefferson. Their requests are always challenging, and the result is always something worth watching."

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