The synergy between multiple treatments

Client Celgene

We were commissioned to produce two films showing the potential benefits of combining specific therapy against Multiple Myeloma cells. A complex system of interacting proteins and the mechanism of action of biologicals are shown from multiple sides.

Multi Myeloma is a plasma b-cell malignancy. Myeloma cells infiltrated in the bone marrow excrete excess paraproteins. Several treatments exist, like Immunomodulatory and Monoclonal antibodies. This film explores the combination and synergistic effects of specific therapies.

Our role:  Design | Visual Translation | Animation | Edit | Sound-design | Final Delivery

USAGE: Educational film to inform specialists and researchers

Type:  MoA

Disclaimer: sometimes we can't show the project in its entirety due to legal reasons, or request from our client.
An abstract world

We created some spectacular micro vista's in this film.

Many players

Many cells and proteins are involved; we tried to give them a consistent look during the film.

"It was challenging to get so many complex processes into one film and manage to paint an engaging picture."

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