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Originally from Japan, Sysmex has been in the healthcare business since 1978. They started out producing analyzers for hematology and grew out to be one of the leading companies in building analytical equipment.

Norvell Jefferson, a brand agency based in Amsterdam, reached out to us to produce this film explaining Sysmex's xINOSTICS BEAMING technology. They wanted to take the viewer along in one ride, from within a blood vessel to the final output from a flow cytometer. The film was initially produced without voice-over to be used on a busy trade-show floor. Later a voice-over was added to communicate the story online.

Our role was to visually translate Norvell's idea and create the animated film you can watch here.


The film starts with a sketch on paper and ends with a technical read-out on paper.

Calm and gentle

We designed the film using very cool colors and gave it a slowed-down pace.

One fluent ride

We carefully crafted shots to give the film as it was made in one take.

"We are very satisfied with the result. Especially after the voice-over was added, the film resulted in a very clear communicative film."

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